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A guide to how we operate and who we want to work with.

This isn't motivation. It's skill-building.

Leadership, culture, and behavior development is a crowded space. It's hard to find training that actually makes a difference. It's harder to find training people will actually use. It's hard to find simple, systematic, and immediately valuable tools to invest in long-term.

Our live training is not for everyone. It's real work. It's real effort. You're expected to grow from it and growth doesn't come easy. But it works. There is no magic in what we teach or how. It's simplicity with elite execution.

We're not for everyone. That's ok. You're here. That's a good start.

Read on to see if we're a fit...

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

Our live training is focused on building skill, not "completing workshops". Training is prep. It's dress-rehearsal for the real world. Execution is what counts. Simple, systematic, practical application.

Too often people run workshops and move on. It may feel nice, but it doesn't produce behavior change. It's the flavor of the week.

The purpose of our live training is to implement real leadership skill, real culture skill, and real behavior skill that produces real, measurable results. That's our job: help you produce results you want. However much work that takes . . . that's our commitment.

You must be committed to the work required. We have a rule: "no dabblers".

Our average client is with us for at least a two year journey. Most stay with us much longer.

We understand and believe in the work required to build skill. We only work with clients who share that belief with us. That standard minimizes who we're willing to work with. We're after the best clients, not more clients.

You can't do "one and done" workshops and expect to see results. If you ask us, we'll probably say no. If we do say yes, we'll probably charge double (we warned you).

Depending on your situation and needs, our virtual training system might be an ideal fit rather than live training. Our state-of-the-art Focus 3 Virtual Training System delivers interactive content straight to phones, tablets, and computers that replicates our live training experience. It's used by individuals who want to get better and globally by Fortune 500 companies who want a consistent, simultaneous training experience for thousands of employees at a time.

Our virtual training system comes with at least one year of access, 24/7 direct connection to our best content, at a fraction of the cost (depending on individual or team use). Most of our clients utilize a blend of live and virtual training. Read here for more info.

If you're interested in working with us, start here.

Workshop Options:

1. Keynote (large events, conferences, associations, kickoffs)

2. Intensive series (3-month, 6-month, 12-month options)

3. Full System Install (Kickoff, Intensives, Certification, Virtual Training onboard, Business System Integration)

4. Executive Retreat (Single, Intensive Session)

What started out as training for a select group of leaders has expanded to our entire employee population. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

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