The R Factor

A simple system for elite behavior.

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A Behavior Toolbox...

The most complex variable in your world is not the circumstances you encounter or the results you're trying to produce. The most complex variable is the behavior of people in Response to those situations. You don't control Events. You don't control Outcomes. You earn Outcomes based on the discipline of your Response:

E + R = O
Event + Response = Outcome

What is The R Factor?

  1. A simple, proven, systematic behavior toolbox for Discipline-driven Responses in any situation.

  2. The single most important and applicable skills training for businesses, teams, and school districts.

  3. A common language that drives a powerfully shared culture among people.

  4. The end of "flavor of the week" training programs and speeches that get ignored, resisted, and rejected.

Behavior — not talent, technology, or tactics — is the driving force of strategic success. Elite results require Discipline-driven behavior.

The hardest thing to do is execute simple things with discipline.

The R Factor is for . . .

  • Organizations serious about building an elite culture and elite results . . . and sustaining it over time.

  • Teams who want timeless truth, not unproven pop psychology.

  • Peoplelike leaders, employees, coaches, athletes, administrators, teachers, students, mothers, fathers, kids.

The R Factor is not for . . .

  • Organizations who dabble, delay, and take half-measures.

  • Teams looking for a quick fix or easy solutions.

  • People who already have all the answers.

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