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"We need more leadership."

Sound familiar? We hear it too. Despite the overwhelming amount of books, blogs, and big data, there has never been a wider gap between what is known about leadership and actual leadership.

Because lists of competencies don't build actual leaders. Neither do motivational videos or celebrity speakers.

That doesn't mean it has to be complex. Don't be fooled into believing that because leadership is a challenge, it has to be complicated too. Leadership is simple and systematic.

We teach "the physics of leadership": a specific, systematic combination of interacting behaviors, not a list of traits and tactics. A proven, permanent structure that works with anyone at any level.

This is Lead Now. Simple and effective.


Average leaders use quotes. Good leaders use plans. Elite leaders use systems.

We've tested the Lead Now system for over 25 years. It's actively used around the world in dozens of industry environments, generating millions of dollars in revenue, winning championships, and saving lives. It works. Our clients know it works.

The stakes have never been higher to get leadership right. The cost has never been greater for getting it wrong.

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