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#2 - Leadership

Tim Kight - Jan 15, 2019 6:30:00 AM


Leadership is not authority based on a position or a title you've been given, rather, leadership is influence based on trust you've earned. 

Many leaders make the mistake of thinking that leadership is about title, authority, and position and they exercise that authority and they are surprised when people don't follow them. Here's the truth about the way that it works in the real world. You earn the right to lead other people by the trust you've built through the way that you behaved. You build trust by repeated behavior over time. 

It's an interesting thing that the authority that a leader has, well, there are two types of authority that leader's have; one is granted to them by the company or organization that gives them the position, but the real authority a leader has is granted to him or her by the people that they lead. 

You earn the right to lead others by behaving in a way that creates credibility, and if you try to exercise authority and you don't have a foundation of trust all you are going to create is resistance and resentment from the people that you are trying to lead.

So, one more time, leadership is not authority based on a position that you have. It is influence based on trust you've earned.

Do The Work.

Tim Kight

Tim Kight

Founder of Focus 3, Tim focuses on the critical factors that distinguish great organizations from average organizations. He delivers a powerful message on the mindset & skills at the heart of individual & organizational performance.

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