Focus 3 Posters & Stickers

Stickers for sticking, posters for posting. Any questions?

No BCD Poster

No BCD Poster

This poster marks and reminds you of BCD Free Zones. Hang it anywhere you need reminding.

E+R+O Stickers

E+R=O Stickers

Choose blue or red.

Discipline over default sticker

Discipline over Default Sticker

Mark the line so you can live above it.


NO BCD Zone Sticker

Stick these all around the boundaries of your BCD Free Zone.

Stop Light Poster

Stoplight Poster

Stop BCD, Get Your Mind Right, and God with Resolution or resilience.

20 Sq Ft stickers

20 Sq Ft Sticker

Mark your 20 Sq Ft with this sticker

DoTheWork Stickers

Do The Work Sticker

Stick this somewhere to remind you to DO THE WORK.

The R Series Stickers

The R Factor Series

A Sticker for each discipline of The R Factor