Lead Now Workshop

September 24, 2019 - Columbus, Ohio

Lead Now

It’s no secret that the difference make in an organization is leadership. Lead Now focuses on the two priorities of exceptional leadership: Build Trust and Achieve Results. It teaches three disciplines for building trust: Character, Competence, and Connection. And it teaches three disciplines for how to achieve results: Clarity, Accountability, and Support. Register Now


You Will Learn:

  • A system for being a more intentional, on-purpose, and skillful leader.
  • The Performance Pathway - the physics of organizational performance.

  • The mindset and skill set required to be an elite leader.

  • The three disciplines required to build trust.

  • To use a Character Blueprint to strengthen your character.

  • Why behavior skills drive job skills.

  • Your DISC personality style and impact your style has on yourself and others.

  • To use clarity, accountability, and support to achieve results.

  • To create and use a weekly Leader’s Agenda to build trust and achieve results.

Lead Now Diagram

Topics Covered:

How to Build Trust with people:

Character: follow through on everything you say you are going to do.

Competence: help others solve problems, get things done, and get better.

Connection: care, listen, communicate, and adjust.

How to Achieve Results through people:

Clarity: eliminate ambiguity and provide clear direction and expectations.

Accountability: pay attention and take action on what you observe.

Support: making sure the team has what it needs to do the work. 


What You Will Receive:

  • The Lead Now Guidebook that contains the key concepts taught during the workshop, exercises designed to enhance learning and application, and key action steps that can be taken to improve your leadership skill set.

  • DISC Behavior-Style Assessment that identifies your preferred personality style, the strengths and weakness of your preferred style and DISC quick read guide to help you better understand your style and how to flex when necessary.

  • Reference Handouts that provide additional details on how to have a culture conversation, how to hold great meetings, and how to hold an accountability conversation.

  • Experiential Learning in the form of large and small group exercises, personal exercises and time for reflection.

  • Money-back Guarantee


Focus 3’s office in Grandview, OH just west of downtown Columbus.

1201 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43215

Date and Duration:

 Tuesday, September 24 from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  A light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.


$775.00 per participantRegister Now!