The world doesn’t need to get better for you to feel better

Brian Kight - May 11, 2018 5:30:00 AM

Everything you need to get yourself in a great place, personally and professionally, is in your control. I mean that. It’s all up to you. You have the power to think, decide, and act however you want. But you can’t look at the world to give it to you. It’s not about what’s going on in your family, your industry, your community, or in politics. It’s about what’s going on inside you and what you want to go on in side you. What goes on around you cannot touch what goes on inside you, if you choose it.

Do the work.

Topics: Daily Discipline

Brian Kight

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is a multi-industry leader on the topics of leadership, culture, and behavior. He provides simple systems that produce exceptional results for organizations, teams, and people.

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