Rules need to apply to those who make them

Brian Kight - May 10, 2018 5:30:00 AM

Credibility in a leadership role begins with living the standards you create for the people you lead. It’s a simple and universal rule for anyone with authority: rules need to apply to those who make them.

If you ask others to pay a price, you have to share the cost. If you require others to make a sacrifice, you have to give something up. If you want others to be open-minded, you have to open your mind. It makes you credible, keeps you grounded, requires your involvement, and prevents you from expecting from others what you’re unwilling to do yourself.

Do the work.

Topics: Daily Discipline

Brian Kight

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is a multi-industry leader on the topics of leadership, culture, and behavior. He provides simple systems that produce exceptional results for organizations, teams, and people.

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