Be strategic about how you win . . . and how you lose.

Brian Kight - Jun 5, 2018 5:30:00 AM

Life isn’t about winning every time. People get so caught up in competition and comparison they never think about how to be strategic about losing. It’s almost taboo to even talk about it. Everyone loses, some just do it smarter than others.

Long-term improvement and success is about getting in the game, being good enough to stay in the game, and competing for a chance to do something special. Look for ways to create big wins and take small losses.

Not all wins are equal. Neither are all losses. Look for the right wins and the right losses. So when you win, win big. Pursue wins that matter and make a difference. When you lose, lose small. Take lots of minor risks that teach you, sharpen you, and cut you off from the empty pursuit of ego, approval, and applause. Look for small prices to pay, that last a short time, for big lessons to gain, that last a lifetime.

Do the work.

Topics: Daily Discipline

Brian Kight

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is a multi-industry leader on the topics of leadership, culture, and behavior. He provides simple systems that produce exceptional results for organizations, teams, and people.

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