Average vs Elite Mindset: Part 1 of 3

Brian Kight - Jan 9, 2019 5:30:00 AM

I want you to embrace the chase to elite. Same for your business, team, school, or family. That may be our theme this year: Embrace the chase. Not the rewards. Everyone wants the rewards. I’m talking here about the chase, the pursuit, the work. Whatever it means for you, however it shows up in your life, I genuinely want you to Embrace the Chase.

The chase begins with your mindset.

An average mindset wastes time debating easy questions with easy answers instead of taking decisive action. It’s a delay tactic and an excuse generator to avoid the work. Here are three easy questions people waste too much time on:

  1. “I don’t know how.” — Look it up and study it. Identify the three best people who write, podcast, or film videos on that subject. Study them intensely for a month straight. Do what they teach for at least 3-6 months with extreme discipline before evaluating any results, making adjustments, or changing systems.

  2. “What’s the guarantee it works?” — Seriously?! None. Zero. Never. Choose a system you like and work uncommonly hard. You’ll get it when you’re good enough.

  3. “It seems too hard.” — It’s probably harder than you think. Do you want it or not? Go do the hard things required to get what you want or be super happy where you are and stop wanting “better” things. By the way, plenty of things are not as hard as you think they are ;)

Have any of these questions slowed you down or even completely stopped you from advancing? Answer them quickly, act on them decisively.

In tomorrow’s email, we’ll look at an elite mindset by comparison. But today, answer this: What mindset traps or internal doubts slow you down?

Send me your answers.

Do the work.

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Brian Kight

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is a multi-industry leader on the topics of leadership, culture, and behavior. He provides simple systems that produce exceptional results for organizations, teams, and people.

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