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Three selfish reasons why you don’t listen

All you need is a small group of committed people

When someone believes in you

One past + infinite possible futures

Where the fun begins

How do you answer the five questions?

Time to get on THAT path

Sadly, most people won’t meet this standard

The mindset, skill, and lifestyle of discipline

Goal setting is valuable, but overrated

7 Super Useful Lessons When Building Skill

How I stack skills according to my existing talent

Work with your talent and stack it with skills

Are you presenting an image of success? (Trick question)

Don’t pretend fake problems are real problems

Four questions when facing real problems

How do you measure progress?

Slow progress is better than no progress

What does it really take to be yourself?

The greatest trick your default mind plays on you

The privileges of leadership

Ready to use E+R=O

Ego is an anchor

Are you getting information or misinformation?

What if you just got 10% more disciplined?

Learning from the past without being anchored to it

What are the MOST reliable personal skills to develop?

How fast could you get 500 reps if you started now?

Delaying discomfort is a losing strategy

How to be positive with skill

Positive people need to get tougher

There’s only one way to escape criticism

Where to find yourself and how to form yourself

10 stubborn patterns when you’re trying to stay disciplined

Focusing daily energy with purpose and skill

Be useful

Discipline for 12 minutes vs 12 hours vs 12 months

Why sustaining discipline is . . . pointless?

Work Ethic vs Want Ethic

Don’t be like most people

People are awesome. Connect with them.

Appreciate, move on, and move forward

An obvious and easy way to stay self-aware

Alright, fine ;) I’ll share my personal DON’T and DOs...

Wow. OK. More on how I start my day . . .

How I start my day

Dealing with random luck in life

Integrity check: does your discipline match your desire?

Two quick ways to get and stay off autopilot

The make or break growth years of your career

Build experiences that serve you

Not long ago . . .

What discipline is and isn’t

Treat your attention like an asset

Search for the truth, not the new

One thing more dangerous than bad habits

Creating happiness: clarity first, then action

What does it take for you to be happy?

One small mindset with a MASSIVE effect (good or bad)

3 immediately usable strategies for dealing with strong emotions

Why to view discipline as an investment

Turn a forgettable moment into a memorable experience

It may take you 100x to finally understand

Leaders vs Non-leaders

Are you ready for your life-changing moment?

The truth people work hard to avoid

New day, new you

One popular but false belief about discipline

Impressive appearances don’t mean impressive results

Why the “best” talent and strategies don’t always win

You can count on this principle forever

Claim this competitive advantage starting now

14 mental traps that hold people hostage, especially smart people

Average vs Elite Mindset: Part 3 of 3

Average vs Elite Mindset: Part 2 of 3

Average vs Elite Mindset: Part 1 of 3

Caught between fear of failure and fear of success?

Power secrets hiding in plain sight

Don’t underestimate the power of social influence

This is why complainers lack credibility

Don’t you just hate it when . . .

I’m not a motivational speaker

Today’s behavior skill is: PERSISTENCE

Today’s behavior skill is: PATIENCE

Today’s behavior skill is: DECISION MAKING

Today’s behavior skill is: NON-VERBALS

Today’s behavior skill is: ASSERTIVENESS

Today’s behavior skill is: INFLUENCE

Today’s behavior skill is: HONESTY

Today’s behavior skill is: RISK MANAGEMENT

Today’s behavior skill is: SAYING NO/IGNORING

Today’s behavior skill is: FLEXIBILITY

Today’s behavior skill is: FORGIVENESS

Today’s behavior skill is: EMOTION

Today’s behavior skill is: INTEGRITY

Today’s behavior skill is: LISTENING

Today’s behavior skill is: EMPATHY

Today’s behavior skill is: HUMILITY

Today’s behavior skill is: OBSERVATION

Today’s behavior skill is: ENERGY

Today’s behavior skill is: TIME

Today’s behavior skill is: FOCUS

A surprise trick up my sleeve to end the year

How your ego subtly steals your energy

Can you even trust the voice in your own head?

Don’t be a fake and don’t get fooled by fakers

How do I make discipline become a habit?

Which people will open this email today vs tomorrow?

Why freedom creates hard decisions

30 second Thanksgiving thought on clarity

This is why smart people do dumb things

Don’t believe all the stories you tell yourself

Stop trying to win arguments

How would you respond to this question?

Action is spelled: C-O-U-R-A-G-E

Ok, I’m doing, how do I get better?

The honest, no tricks, way to learn fast

E+R=O: Creating vs Controlling Outcomes

What’s most popular is rarely what’s most productive

Three BIG moments of need in your future

Training trumps talent

The answer is probably no

Boredom is unnatural, but still common

Free yourself from this popular mental mistake

Weakness is not a mark of character

Changing your life one discipline at a time

Embrace the chase

A day for encouragement

Time and change will surely show

Discipline isn’t born, it’s built

Wise words are still cheap talk

Fear is valuable information

Create excellence where you are

Belief - Day 9: Strength or comfort?

Belief - Day 8: Simple or complex?

Belief - Day 7: Committed to the future or to the past?

Belief - Day 6: Go win or not lose?

Belief - Day 5: Team or individual?

Belief - Day 4: Improvement or ego?

Belief - Day 3: Expressed or hidden?

Belief - Day 2: Foundational or situational?

Belief - Day 1: Chosen or absorbed?

Diving into the deep end our driving beliefs

How cool is this?

Building disciplined habits that last

This popular, but dangerous, belief is only half-true

Want to be elite? You have two choices.

Why didn’t you start training two years ago?

This may hurt to hear, but it’s the truth

Replace complexity with simplicity to accelerate results

Emotion is real. Decide what to do with it.

Stop creating problems that don’t exist

Losing early isn’t just normal, it’s often elite.

Winning the fight of your life . . . starting today

Embrace the chase to elite

I dare you to explain this on your resume

Why it’s sometimes hard to control yourself

Flex your mental muscles this week

3 life-changing E+R=O lessons I’ve learned in 20 years

Truth and lies about optimism / pessimism

Be at your best when situations are at their worst

How to care when you don’t feel like it.

The price for getting good at anything

Everyone thinks they always have tomorrow

The misunderstood power of one moment

Can you choose to have a good or bad life?

Even smart people struggle to understand this

Why intense criticism is almost always a good thing

Can I trust you? Should I?

A happy, successful life starts with ONE simple decision

Courage and integrity in today’s environment

You are not defined by other people’s opinions

Stuck on-autopilot — we all face it, we all fight it.

You don’t have time to do this.

Three hidden values of doing hard work

When discipline is messy and awkward

Turn virtue into skill

You might have some fake friends

Are you making this common learning mistake?

What is personal trumps what is policy

What characteristics make an elite professional?

What’s popular vs what wins

Burn bright, let your light shine

Audit your life

We need more of these people and less of those

Where does courage come from?

We rely on good people like you

Three uncommon practices for an uncommon life

A closer look at a common leadership claim

Truth wins

It’s over, let it go.

Only open this email when you’re ready to act

Paying the price for having an opinion

Good ideas are dangerous

The mechanics of creating magical results

One thing I’ve learned about how to face pain

Your first 100 reps —> Your next 100 reps

Create a mindset of production over perfection

The difference in criticism between 1998 vs 2018.

This might explain why that relationship is struggling

A rare value hidden in an old commodity

I have crazy respect for this kind of person

Face down the unknown future as the best version of you

When you don’t feel like people are supporting you

Choose your path and take it

Why do we even communicate at all?

Quick rule for creating messages worth sending

A Closer Look at the Generation of Entitlement.

You can’t protect people from the truth

Fear and fun in the uncertain future

What if . . . you just did this?

Leadership has its privileges

Can complaining be justified?

5 beliefs that decide your fate

Being positive is never an excuse for ignoring reality

Be good enough to capture opportunity and strong enough to handle adversity

Create Your Own Energy

The process can’t be skipped, but it can be shortened.

Everything is training for something.

Build massive confidence with minimal ego

Do Simple Things With Elite Discipline

Solve the problems you create.

You can win without the best talent

What if someone I care about is headed down the wrong path?

If you love someone, you don’t make them listen to you complain

Stop listening to yourself. Start talking to yourself.

Avoiding criticism is like avoiding breathing. If you do it, you die.

Finding the emotion that moves people to action.

Discipline Never Dies.

With discipline, you are in control. Without discipline, things control you.

Small changes using E+R=O can have a big impact.

Be strategic about how you win . . . and how you lose.

Are you ok with the changes happening around you?

Are you as good now as you’ll ever be?

Applying truth tested, and proven, by time is always the superior strategy.

Choosing improvement over ego.

What do you do when hard work doesn’t pay off?

Using the 3-second Rule to Create More Disciplined Action.

Two rules to follow for a life of fulfillment.

Claiming integrity is popular. Being a person of integrity is courageous.

Withholding forgiveness creates a weight you have to hold.

Real situations, fake stories, and strong emotions.

One big truth about your internal world

Good intentions aren’t enough. You need a system for great execution.

This may be the most important E+R=O note I’ve ever written.

What was the last serious thing you changed your mind about?

Rule of thumb: If you present a problem, propose a solution.

Time isn’t your friend or your enemy. It’s only your playing field.

The world doesn’t need to get better for you to feel better

Rules need to apply to those who make them

Everything gets revealed by time

What is conceptual is useful, if it gets you into something functional

As a Leader: Connection is Personal

Being a student doesn’t end in youth. It’s for life

Be elite where you are.

Pay attention to you

Stop worrying about what you look like.

Simple wins . . . when you do it

Create consistency in your personal development

There are a lot of talented teams with no trophies

E+R=O: Getting better doesn’t mean it gets easier.

Choose your beliefs, don’t absorb them.

E+R=O: Change isn’t as hard as you make it out to be.

Do hard things

What is the love that fuels you?

E+R=O: Set your discipline to match your desire

Don’t carry negativity for anyone else

Expect to succeed. Be ready not to.

The pursuit of happiness is up to you

What do we do with our human nature?

E+R=O is the way life works. Get good at it.

The 1-2-3 stages of improvement

Be ready to change in an instant

The decisive moment after defeat

Press Pause and use the E+R=O Mindset

The revealing moment

An ounce of action is worth a gallon of explanation

The Discipline-Driven Life

Permission never requested and approval never needed

The primary, transcending purpose of trust

Own your job. Own yourself.

Choose to care

Uncommon is your advantage

Make the truth obvious

10 reasons (most) people accept average and don’t even try to be elite:

If you’re driving, you’re choosing.

Applying the “Less Gives More” Strategy

The depth of your belief is only measured by the discipline of your action.

Winning and losing on the journey to elite

Keep going, keep going

Whatever You’ve Been Through, You’re Here Today.

The Truth About BCD

Character Is Not A Fixed Quality

Understanding Emotions

What is Regret?

Simple, Not Easy

You Are What You Choose To Be

Is Performance More Technical or Personal?

Can You Be Told The Truth?

Functional Humility

Enduring Discipline

Imperfect Progress

Productive Discomfort

Fearless Effort

You Have The Power

Feedback, Fuel, and Fear

You are not one thing

Today Is A One-Shot Chance

Of Course It Isn’t Fair

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