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The two things I see people struggling with, that I think paralyzes them: one is their inability to change in a moment, and number two is people's inability to go forward without knowing what their exact path is. And I think those two things are related.

You have to be ready to change in any single moment at any given time, and you have no idea, nor do I, when that moment is showing up, but when the moment shows up it's too late to think about that right then and there. You have to had been ready to change in a future moment before that moment ever arises.

So please understand there are moments coming over and over and over and over again that you are going to have to pivot in a moment, and that moment could be when you're traveling—like today when I'm in the airport. That moment could be in your marriage. That moment could be in your business. It could be with a technology. It could be the way you parent.

You're going to think it was going to happen one way and all of the sudden it's going to shift; a delayed flight, leave your phone in an Uber car, a strategy. You're going to do something with a client and all of the sudden that client isn't going to be there. You're going to lose one of your biggest clients or one of your biggest prospects. A competitor is going to come in and is going to disrupt the way you do business and you have to have to change in a moment, and that's directly related to the path.

I have this philosophy of path, it's not really a philosophy, it's actually pretty practical. Think of it this way: the path you took to get to where you are today—however winding it may have been—there was only path that got you where you are now, and it was the one that you took, but in every moment going forward there's an infinite number of paths that you could take.

What I see a lot of people struggling with is trying to go down one path, when there's infinite options; and constantly being afraid of not taking the right path, and therefore struggling to make changes or making too many changes.

You have to go out and go forward and your path is going to change over and over and over again, and the path that you go down moving forward is going to be the path that you take through doing the work. It's going to be the path that you take through constant adjustment. The path that you go down is going to be the one that you go create for yourself, constantly making tweaks.

If you think about where you are five years from now, and where you are today. There's only going to be one path; but at each stage along the way, wherever you are, that path is going to be infinite. The path you end up taking is going to be the one that you choose, the one you create. The one that you make and that's going to require a lot of commitment, a lot of courage, but also a lot of adjustments. Which comes down to a ton of momentary decisions.

So understand for whatever direction you want to go, there's not one path for you going forward. There's infinite pathways for you going forward; but you have to make changes and adjustments, and then you've got to commit yourself to the path that you're taking until that path changes. Then you make another commitment and an adjustment, and then a commitment and an adjustment, and the a commitment and an adjustment; this is what life is—over and over and over again.

When you get to some future moment where it's ten years later, and you feel like an overnight success, but it took you ten years of path, and there's no way of predicting on day one to ten years later that's what your path would have looked like, but it's the exact path you took.

Brian Kight

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is a multi-industry leader on the topics of leadership, culture, and behavior. He provides simple systems that produce exceptional results for organizations, teams, and people.

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