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Coaching the Gap

As we embark on a new school year the energy is high! The anticipation of a fresh start, a renewed sense of purpose has never been more apparent amongst educational leaders. First-day “jitters” for new educators and veteran educators are a sign that we care deeply about our first impressions. We want our kids to like us, we want them to be excited about coming into our classrooms, we want to be accepted.

Topics: Leadership- Culture First- Coaching

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Culture and Leadership in Education

We sometimes forget that the educational world is very much results-driven. The work we do is too important; what is required of us demands elite performance. Results are not created in a strategic plan or organizational charts. The results you achieve are earned through the culture YOU create and lead. There are no shortcuts, you must be relentless in doing the work.

Topics: Culture First

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The Law of Patience and Perseverance

Work the process that is necessary for the time that is required, and solve problems along the way.

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Great Leaders are a Magnet for Great Talent

In order to succeed, companies need great people. This means it is essential to have an effective strategy for recruiting, selecting, and retaining talent. But winning the war for talent requires much more than simply hiring high performers. It also requires building an organizational culture that maximizes the talent and performance of the people you already have.   

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