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How to Build Leadership that Energizes

In order to succeed, companies need great people. This means it is important to have a winning strategy for recruiting, selecting, and retaining talent.  But winning the war for talent requires something more:  building and sustaining an organizational culture that inspires people to maximize their talents. This requires leadership and management practices that engage and energize people to produce extraordinary results. 

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Ten Things That Require Courage

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point.” -Winston Churchil

Courage is an essential attribute in The R Factor tool box.  The word “courage” derives from the Latin word for heart, and means “strength of heart.”  Courage is the result of being clear about the values you want at the heart of your life and then living your values.  It is when your commitment to your guiding principles is stronger than any circumstance you may face or impulse you may feel.

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Do you deserve to be followed?

Recently I was at Starbucks and overheard two people having an animated conversation about their leader.  Given the proximity of their table and the volume of their conversation, I could not help but hear everything they said.

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Why Training Doesn't Work

Much of our work entails speaking at conferences and teaching in workshops. At least half our time is devoted to these kinds of events. We speak to large groups and small groups, entire organizations and departments, associations and focus groups. We talk about leadershiporganizational culture, behavior, and every other training and development hot button issue. But there is a problem with these kinds of events. They aren't a substitute for real learning. They sound good. They provide useful information. Sometimes they even inspire us . . . for a few days.

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