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Grow Beyond Your Talent

Yesterday we talked about 5 lessons I wish I'd learned earlier in life.The response has been awesome. Thank you for that. Today let's look forward to grow beyond your natural talents. All your biggest goals depend on it. But first...

So many of you have shared via email, Twitter, and Facebook your own lessons you wished you'd learned earlier in life. It's been incredible. So many timeless and true lessons such as...

  • "I can say what I mean without being mean."
  • "The next moment is not better than this moment. This moment is everything."
  • "Patience in the moment feels forever, but looking back it was the blink of an eye. Stay the course."
  • "Everyone you meet knows something you don't know." 

How powerful would that be for you if you actually did it?

Some people believe talent and intelligence are the defining requirements for success.

Success has surprisingly little to do with your talent and everything to do with your emotions.

Talent is everywhere. Knowledge is readily available wherever and whenever you want it. Self-awareness is much more difficult to attain. And self-discipline is in short supply.

The world is full of talented, intelligent people. You're one of them. You were born with abilities unique to you. There has never been anyone exactly like you. And there will never be anyone like you again.

If natural ability were the foundation of success we'd be living far different lives. It takes more.

What separates the elite from the average is the self-awareness and self-discipline to turn talent and knowledge into productive action.

Board rooms, locker rooms, and living rooms across the world are full of intelligent people. Many of them are our clients. The objective is to harness the power of your mind and your emotions to work for you, not against you.

Don't be limited by your talent. Put yourself in control of your growth and your fate. 

Self-awareness is often uncomfortable. Self-discipline is often inconvenient. But they work.

They don't always feel good in the moment but they're reliable. They advance you in a positive direction. Increasing self-awareness and maintaining self-discipline is an emotional challenge, not intellectual one.

Growing beyond your talent requires emotional discipline. That's a skill that must be trained and developed.

People quit (or never even try) because of self-doubt and fear, not because of intelligent calculation.

How about you...

What feeling or emotion holds you back?

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