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6 mistakes people make in response to change

It’s an inescapable reality: things change. Here’s another reality: life will get increasingly difficult for you if you don’t. Your ability to adjust and adapt in response to change -- and do so quickly in a positive and proactive way -- is an essential skill in today's world.

Topics: Change

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Want vs. Work

There is a big difference between a “want ethic” and a “work ethic.” The difference is this: Wanting is easy. Working is hard.

Topics: Work- Do The Work- Discipline- Attitude- Behavior

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Create Your Own Energy

The ability to create your own energy is one of the most important skills in the world.

Energy comes from two places: you create it from the inside or you catch it from the outside.

Topics: Mindset- Discipline

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E+R=O: Why Your Response is Deeply Personal and Never Private.

Your attitude, actions, and words make a difference. They affect your environment and the people in it. That’s why E+R=O is such a powerful tool, because it’s not just about you. Your response is deeply personal and never private.

Topics: E+R=O

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